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23rd Sep 2018

Doing This Simple Irish Thing In Scotland Can Actually Get You Arrested It Has Been Revealed

Darragh Berry

This is always good to know, just in case you’re ever on holiday in Glasgow or Edinburgh and you’re tempted to do it.

Following on from a Freedom Of Information request by The Herald Scotland found that flying the Irish flag in Scotland can actually get you arrested.

It’s included in the list along with Palestinian flags, the Catalan and Basque flags, flying the Union Jack will not get you arrested.

Those flying these flags can be charged with breaching the peace under Section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licencing (Scotland) Act 2010.

You could even get five years in jail for it.

As well as this, flags that have been made to reference the likes of the IRA or UVF could also see you land in hot water.

Also, the Starry Plough – an Irish related flag – also carries a similar offence.

“This flag was originally used by the Irish Citizen Army, a socialist, republican movement; James Connolly, co-founder of the movement, said the significance of the banner was that a free Ireland would control its own destiny from the plough to the stars.

“The flag was flown by the Irish Citizen Army during the 1916 Easter Rising.”

The Leinster Flag and 4 Provinces Flag which have links to The Easter Rising are also on the list.