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15th Nov 2017

Frightening Footage and Images Emerge Of Belfast Apartment Block Blaze

Megan Cassidy

Shocking photos and videos of a blaze at a Belfast apartment block have emerged, as it’s reported that four people are being treated for injuries. 

The fire is believed to have been started by a toaster, and hundreds were evacuated from the building as emergency services tended the scene. 

So soon after the Grenfell tragedy, questions around towerblock safety are being raised. 

Julie Ann Jackson, from the Seymour Hill and Conway Community Residents helping those who live in the flat, told the Belfast Telegraph:

‘I think they were shook up from Grenfell, and after tonight they are really shook up,’

Resident Robert Zwaagman said he knew nothing about the fire until the fire crews arrived: 

He said: 

“Especially after the Grenfell Tower accident the main question and the main concern of mine is the fact why didn’t the alarms go off, with such a big fire, on every floor?” 

Paul Irwin

The Democratic Unionist representative said residents had endured a ‘hugely traumatic’ experience. ‘The big concern for a lot of the residents is that smoke alarms did not go off throughout the building, so many residents were in a burning building and didn’t realise it,’ he said.

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