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23rd Feb 2018

Gardaí Have Issued A Firm Warning To Motorists Found To Be ‘Rubbernecking’

James Fenton

Gardaí in in the south of the country have issued a firm warning to those found to be ‘rubbernecking’ at the scene of traffic collisions.

In a Facebook post on the Garda Síochána – Cork, Kerry And Limerick page, followers have been told of the dangers of stopping to take photographs and videos while emergency services try to deal with incidents.

Gardaí have called on road users to give space to emergency services and announced that during one incident in Watergrasshill in Cork yesterday, four drivers were issued with on the spot fines for using mobile phones while driving.

The post reads:

‘Unfortunately, we are all familiar with scenes like this. Please don’t feel the need to film it. Besides, the BAFTAs were last week.

‘Emergency Services need room to work in dangerous environments and depend on other road users to act responsibly. Some motorists felt compelled to film and photograph what was going on. 4 drivers were issued with fines on the spot for holding mobile phones while driving.

Another driver was fined for stopping on the opposite carriageway to have a look. Do not endanger yourselves, other road users or the Emergency Services trying to help those involved. #ArriveAlive #RubberNeckers

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