Good News For Us Irish – Our Passport Is Ranked Sixth Most Powerful In The World

But whose is #1?

Irish Passport

Every year, an index of the world's most powerful passports (try saying that 10 times, fast) is compiled – ranked by just how many countries your passport grants you access to.

At the top of the list? Those pesky, order-loving Germans, whose reisepass gives them a free pass (ish) to a whopping 177 countries.


Next up, it's the Swedes, with 176 countries at their Scandi fingertips. 

The list, compiled by Henley Global, puts the UK in at #3, along with Finland, France, Italy and Spain – while Ireland is sixth, along with, er, Canada, South Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland.

Coming up last? No huge surprises there – it's Afghanistan, whose passport only offers the luxury of visa-free visitation to 25 other countries. Even North Korea, in 95th place, offers citizens a choice of 42 luxury holiday destinations. 

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Written By

Rosemary MacCabe