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24th Jun 2018

Suffering From Hayfever? Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Symptoms


If you suffer with hayfever the thoughts of sitting inside for the summer has definitely crossed your mind.

Over 950,000 people in Ireland each year suffer with sneezing, itching in the throat, eyes and ears, headaches, a blocked nose and swelling around the eyes hayfever caused by elevated pollen counts. Níl aon chraic!

Thankfully, Boots Pharmacy is advising sufferers on some things they can do to make sure they’re not stuck inside while the sun shines…

1. Stay on top of pollen by vacuuming and damp dusting to stop pollen settling and spreading.

2. Use an allergy barrier to get on top of hayfever before it begins.

3. Try rubbing a small amount of petroleum jelly inside your lower nostril to stop pollen entering the nasal passage.

4. Reduce airborne allergens at home and use a humidifier, as moist air will catch particles.

5. If you’ve been out and about, change your clothes and even shower to remove pollen and avoid spreading it


6. A pair of wraparound sunglasses is great way to keep pollen out of your eyes.

7. If you’re driving keep your windows up and switch your air to circulate.

8. Consider using an anti-inflammatory nasal spray.

9. If your eyes are affected by hayfever, eye drops can help soothe them.

10. Antihistamines have different ingredients, if one tablet isn’t working for you, consider swapping to another type.

Susan O’Dwyer, Boots pharmacist said, “As the weather warms up, we all want to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine, but this can be the toughest time for hayfever sufferers, as early summer is when grass and flowers are pollinating. Hayfever can be quite a distressing condition for many people, particularly children. The good news is that when symptoms are managed properly and well in advance of the pollen count rising, people with hayfever can enjoy their summer just like everyone else.”

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