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06th Jul 2018

Heatwave To Last For Another Two Weeks Says Met Éireann


Is this real life?

The nationwide meltdown is set to last for at least another two weeks, says Met Éireann.

Head Forecaster, Evelyn Cusack, revealed they are experimenting with a long-range forecast which suggests the fabulous weather could be around for another 15 days.

On Prime Time last night, she said, “our predictions are certainly another ten days which is the medium range of our forecast, but we’re currently using an experimental 15-day forecast, and that is indicating a lot of dry weather.

“It’s been exceptionally dry, it’s been the driest June in Leinster since 1941.

“It’s not only been exceptionally dry but also exceptionally sunny.”

Evelyn Cusack 1

The hosepipe ban for the entire country has been in place since 8 am this morning in an effort to conserve water as the country officially enters “a state of absolute drought.”

A ‘state of drought’ is recognised when there has been no significant rainfall for 15 consecutive days.

Don’t put the BBQ away just yet, lads.

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