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11th Aug 2018

“Potentially Catastrophic” 40 Degrees Heatwave Could Kill Millions Of People It Has Been Confirmed

Darragh Berry

Planet Earth can be a very scary place sometimes and as much as we love the sun, we don’t realise the damage that it can muster up.

A “potentially catastrophic” heatwave with temperatures of up to 40 degrees is on the way which is feared could kill millions in its wake.

Reuters states that The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC ) is warning of a “full-blown food security” as heat destroys crops in North Korea.

It says the country is buckling under the pressure of the heatwave and around 70% of north Koreans are struggling to eat every day.

It is feared that a repeat of a mid-90s famine which killed over three million starving people could happen.

The IFRC is saying that extreme temperatures could have a “potentially catastrophic effects” on the state.