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02nd Jun 2017

Here’s What Annoys Couples The Most About Having To Share A Bed


People always thing sharing a bed with a loved one is cosy and cute and snuggle bunnies alll the way – but it’s not.

If you’ve ever been kept awake by loud snorts coming from your partner, or been woken from your peaceful slumber by a drunken lout crashing onto the bed at 4am then you’ll know that sometimes even those most in love crave their own leaba.

Jury’s Inn did a little survey of what bugs people the most about sharing a bed and the results are in…

Couples’ Top 10 bedtime bugbears:

1)      Snoring (50.4%)

2)      Stealing the duvet (29.8%)

3)      Fidgeting (17.2%)

4)      Breaking wind (15.3%)

5)      Coming to bed after their partner falls asleep (14.6%)

6)      Being too hot as a result of their partner (13.4%)

7)      Going to the toilet in the night (10.8%)

8)      Cold feet (9.4%)

9)      Checking phone in the middle of the night (6.8%)

10)   Sleep talking (6.5%)


Extreme lengths couples will go to in order to avoid night-time gripes:

1)      Sleeping in separate rooms (30.7%)

2)      Waking their partner up (28.8%)

3)      Sleeping on the sofa (20.7%)

4)      Wearing ear plugs (13.1%)

5)      Pushing their partner out of bed (9%)

Which one do you hate the most?

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