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Here’s Your Day By Day Weather Forecast For The Weekend

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After parts of the country were hit by Hurricane Gert last weekend, we can report that things are looking pretty decent for this weekend.

While some there will be some rain (duh), bright spells will be commonplace throughout the next few days.

Here’s your day by day forecast, according to Met Éireann.


Today will be windy and mostly cloudy in Connacht and west Ulster, with persistent rain spreading from the Atlantic, turning heavy in some parts and extending further eastwards across Ulster and into parts of north Leinster during the afternoon and evening.


Mostly cloudy in the northern half of the country, with outbreaks of rain, persistent at times in parts of Connacht, Ulster and in north Leinster but drier further south, with just scattered showers. Brighter conditions, with scattered showers, will extend gradually from the west during the afternoon and early evening.


Bright and mostly dry, with sunny spells and just a few scattered light showers, mainly in parts of the north and northeast. Max. 16 to 20 Celsius, in mostly light southwesterly breezes.


Some bright spells in parts of the east and south, but mostly cloudy, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle, mainly in parts of the west and north, but more patchy in the south and east.

For a more detailed outlook, click here.

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