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31st May 2021

How long will the warm spell last? Met Éireann has some mixed news for different parts of the country

James Fenton

If you’re reading this through the effects of a glow of sunburn then it’s fair to say you enjoyed yourself over the weekend.

Ireland basked under a clear blue sky and high temperatures on Saturday and Sunday and the good news is that the warm weather is set to continue for the week. The rest of Monday will be ‘warm and mainly dry’ with highs of 21 degrees but we potentially see 22 degrees on Tuesday.

Wednesday is when things get complicated. A ‘cloudier day overall with rain developing in the south during the morning and moving northwards through the day,’ maximum temperatures will range ‘between 15 degrees in Munster to 22 degrees in Ulster where it will be largely dry until evening’. Large parts of the country will be looking up north with envious eyes then.

Thursday and Friday will be mostly dry again and Met Éireann say that ‘the outlook for next weekend is for a mix of sunny spells and showers with daytime temperatures generally reaching the mid to high teens.’

We’ll take that after the miserable weather we had for most of May. A full outlook for the coming days can be found here.