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06th Jul 2017

Huge Number Of Vehicles Seized Over Failure To Pay M50 Tolls


New figures from Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) have revealed that 170 vehicles have been seized for failure to pay their M50 tolls, with 65 taken in the last year alone.

The Irish Independent reports that luxe card, including BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes Benz have been seized for not paying the toll.

One regular offender who was prosecuted had an outstanding bill of over €16,000 after making 1,200 trips through the toll, whole another had to pay District Court Claim Notice for €12,167.

Although 97% of motorists who use the M50 pay, some people aren’t – even travelling up to four times a day.

A TII spokesman said “these people are needlessly ending up in court and putting themselves at risk of incurring a criminal conviction, or having the debt registered against them as well as having their vehicle seized by the sheriff.

“We are urging these people to contact eFlow in order to resolve their case before it gets to court.”

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