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25th Feb 2018

Here’s The Average Disposable Income For Every County In The Republic Of Ireland


How does your level of disposable income stack up against the average for your county?

Last Friday the Central Statistics Office (CSO) released figures for county incomes and regional GDP, including stats on how the disposable income in each of the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland has fluctuated from 2007-2016.

Donegal appeared to have to lowest level of disposable income in 2016 with an average of €16,099, while Dublin unsurprisingly had the highest with €26,061. It appears in almost every instance that each county had at least a marginally higher level of disposable income in 2007 compared to 2016.

The table below includes figures that should be regarded as indicative rather than precise, as the underlying data is not always sufficiently robust. 

Table 1
Table 2

To see this report in full, visit HERE.

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