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02nd Jun 2018

Irish Pregnancy Centre Telling Women Lies About Abortion Undercover Investigation Finds

Darragh Berry

The Times has found that a Northern Ireland pregnancy centre has been falsely telling women that Abortion causes breast cancer and infertility. 

The undercover investigation by the publication found that the centre was in fact set up by US anti-abortion activists. 

One person was told at the Belfast clinic of Stanton Healthcare  that she was “too beautiful for abortion” and that a termination would fill her breasts with cancer.

Abortion is still illegal in Northern Ireland unless a mother’s life is at risk. This differs to the rest of the UK. 

The councillor at the clinic told the undercover reporter that thousands of cancers had been “directly linked to abortion”.

These statements have been denied as categorically untrue by the president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London, Lesley Regan. 

Stanton Healthcare was set up by US Christian and anti-abortion activist, Brandi Swindell in 2015.

Their philosophy states that: 

  • Every woman deserves to be informed.  
  • Every woman is entitled to make the best choice. 
  • Every woman deserves access to quality care.  
  • Every woman is entitled to a safe place. 

They also say on their website that: “Stanton Healthcare Clients receive medically accurate, non-biased information about options in a confidential and professional setting.”

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