Irish Lad Emigrated To Canada After Referendum For Exact Reason You're Thinking

"I am very intoxicated rn but NOT enough for that shit" was the reaction to hearing the story.

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It's been almost three months since Ireland decided that it was time to repeal the Eighth Amendment and just because the battle was won didn't mean that the conversation would stop.

People still wear their repeal jumpers religiously and there's still debates and arguments online about the result.

Ciara was at an Irish wedding and decided to pop out for a cigarette, you know the cheeky ones you have after Mr. Brightside when you're gasping for a pint and some fresh air.

She got stuck talking to someone in the smoking area who told her that her son left the country after the vote was passed.

This was his reason why:

"I’m at a wedding where I got stuck outside having a fag with a lady who’s son (quote!) 'emigrated to Canada after the 8th amendment was repealed because he was so disgusted'. I am very intoxicated rn but NOT enough for that shit"

We'd say Ciara pulled plant and got the feck outta there as quick as she could. Nobody should have to listen to that sort of shite in a smoking area, or anywhere for that matter.

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