Ireland Vs England Rugby Viewing Figures Were Massive

Who would have thought this...

Ireland V England Rugby

The Ireland v England rugby game brought in a huge audience on Saturday evening.

Around 1.45m people tuned in to watch Ireland's opening game of the Six Nations on Virgin Media One.

On average, 979,400 viewers watched the game which beats last year’s Grand Slam figure of 951,000 on St Patrick’s Day.

It comes close to the Toy Show but Tubridy's figures from the famous Christmas programme still come out on top.

Around 1.3 million people on average watched the Toy Show in 2018 while the reach was 1.8 million.

The reach incorporates the number of people who tuned in for at least a minute of the show.

The reigning Grand Slam champions suffered defeat to an English side who beat them 32-20.

Hopefully they can bounce back against Scotland on Saturday. That game will also be live on Virgin Media One.

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