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11th May 2018

Ireland’s Odds Of Winning The Eurovision Have Been Slashed Extremely Low Overnight Again

Darragh Berry

Lads, we don’t mean to panic you or anything but Ireland’s odds of winning the Eurovision are dropping lower than your bank account after the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Bookies do not want to lose out on money so when they slashed Ireland’s odds from 200/1 to 50/1 after their Eurovision Semi-Final win on Tuesday, you could tell that a little bit more faith has been restored in Ireland’s chances.

And now, we are THIRD FAVOURITES to win the bloody thing outright. 

That’s right, Ireland’s odds quartered after the Semi-Finals and now with just one day to go, they are over a fifth of what they were on Wednesday.

For anyone who isn’t good at Maths, (myself included, I spent the last ten minutes figuring out how to divide that), they are now 9/1 to win the Eurovision on Saturday night. 

The bookies didn’t think we had the slightest chance and look at us now.

We don’t want to jinx ourselves but this is the best positioned we have been going into a Finals since Marc Roberts came oh, so close with finishing second at home in ’97 with his song ‘Mysterious Woman’.

Is this the year that we become kingpins of the Eurovision once again?

How will Ryan’s song ‘Together’ rank among some of our best efforts in recent years? With the rate its dropping, the bookies think it will do well. 

Let us know in the comments?

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