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20th Jun 2018

Start Making Room Because Ireland Is Set For A Huge Population Increase

James Fenton

Move over in the bed, lads. A huge population increase is on the way to Ireland. The Central Statistics Office has projected that if there is high net inward migration and high fertility, Ireland’s population will reach 6.69 million by 2051.

According to the Population and Labour Force Projections 2017-2051 which were released today, ‘even with low net inward migration and declining fertility, Ireland’s population is still expected to reach 5.58 million in 2051.’

Speaking about the findings, statistician James Hegarty explained the purpose of the report:

The report is not an attempt to predict the future but rather presents how the population could evolve under different scenarios. By making assumptions about future trends in mortality, migration and fertility, we can project the population forward and examine the possible outcomes for demographic groups such as the school-going population, the working-age population and the elderly.”

A more detailed analysis of Ireland’s population projections for 2017 to 2051 can be found here.

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