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15th Jun 2020

Ireland is set to have a new Taoiseach after Programme for Government agreed

James Fenton

Micheál Martin is set to become Ireland’s new Taoiseach after a draft Programme for Government has been agreed between Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Green Party.

If passed, Micheál Martin will serve as Taoiseach until December 2022 before the role is rotated and Leo Varadkar takes over again. Varadkar appeared to confirm the news that Martin will become Taoiseach earlier today by saying: “There will be a rotating Taoiseach. We’ve agreed the date for that rotation to happen.”

Mr Martin is quoted by RTE as saying: “It is a detailed programme and there has been a lengthy negotiation process, so it is the sum total of three parties and all the different spokespeople on different issues coming together.”

Leader of the Green Party Eamon Ryan said that the programme will “be good for rural Ireland.”

More to follow…