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31st Oct 2018

PICS: Temperatures Drop To -2 Tonight As Fears Of ‘Hurricane Oscar’ In Ireland Grow

Darragh Berry

Met Éireann is saying that Ireland could be hit hard as Hurricane Oscar makes its way to Ireland.

They are advising Irish people to keep updated with the weather forecasts and predict that coastal areas may be affected the worst.

It is on course to hit Ireland by the weekend and Meteorologist Liz Walsh told The Irish Mirror that:

“Current indications suggest that the strongest winds associated with post tropical Storm Oscar will likely be in coastal regions of the west and northwest during Saturday, with gales or potentially strong gales in those sea areas.”

The hurricane is expected to be downgraded to a “post tropical storm” but the storm has the potential to still batter Ireland.

However, Carlow Weather has stated that the remains of Storm Oscar are set to miss us but “we will still see wet and windy weather”.

They added that: “Much milder than of late though as he pulls milder air with him from the South.

Met Eireann has said that temperatures will drop to as low as -2 degrees on Halloween night and on November 1st with similar temperatures set to remain throughout the rest of the week and weekend.

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