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20th Nov 2017

Ireland’s First Ever Indoor Skydive Centre Will Be Open By December


Ireland’s first ever indoor skydive centre will open in Belfast this December, and we are buzzzzzzin’ to get up there and learn how to fly.

The Vertigo Indoor Skydive Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that will be located in the former T13 building and will be developed using the world’s leading Aerodium tunnel technology, used by the movie industry to film stunts for award-winning movies including the final fight scene in Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac.

How fun does this look?!

Experience a 24000ft of freefall at 120 metres per second as you whizz through the air. Scary? Yes. Unforgettable? 100%.

It’s suitable for those aged four and upwards, so no excuse for your 30-year-old mate to say they’re “too scared”.

This would make a serious Christmas pressie. 


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