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21st Oct 2019

Irish company launches electric mopeds that may help traffic congestion

Brian Dillon

Nobody likes traffic. It’s the bane of every commuter’s life. So, you might be happy to hear that an Irish company has just launched new emission-free electric mopeds to combat traffic congestion as well as Co2 emissions, toxic gases and noise pollution.

Irish firm Lion Urban Mobility is set to have its official launch this week at Studio 39 in Dublin, introducing the world to their brand new e-bikes.

During the launch, guests will have the chance to check out some of the electric mopeds that’ll be on display, as well as interactive videos and pop-up information.

Members of the public will also get the opportunity to try out the brand new mopeds themselves.

According to the company, the bikes in the range come with up to 140km in range, 75km/h max speed, a bosch motor and a removable lithium-ion battery, which is charged using a normal three-pin plug. So it’s as easy as charging your phone.

The company describes itself as an “Irish owned, innovative, smart mobility specialist determined to change the way people move across Irish cities.”

They also write on their website, “What matters to us is making our cities a better place to live and work by reducing traffic, pollution and congestion.

“We aspire to create a sustainable business that will accelerate positive change in the world.”

Currently, such vehicles are prohibited on Irish roads. A public consultation on Personal Powered Transporters launched on September 1 after the RSA recommended that the use of such vehicles be legalised.

The official launch of the company takes place in Studio 39 on Clanbrassil Street between Wednesday, October 23 and Saturday, October 26.