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13th Mar 2017

Irish Emigrants May Soon Be Allowed To Vote In Presidential Elections

James Fenton

Enda Kenny has announced a referendum which, if passed, will allow Irish citizens living abroad to vote in future Presidential elections. 

Speaking from Philadelphia, Kenny stated that the decision was a “profound recognition of the importance that Ireland attaches to all of our citizens, wherever they may be.”

As it stands, Irish emigrants are not permitted to vote in referendums or any Presidential or Dáil elections. 

Kenny also indicated that online voting may be introduced if the referendum is passed. 

In 2015, the success of the social media campaign ‘#hometovote’ for the Marriage Equality referendum indicated a desire for those abroad to have their say on Irish politics. 

What do you think? Should the Irish diaspora be allowed to have a say in who becomes our next President? Let us know in the comments.

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