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09th Jan 2019

Irish Farmer Says He’ll Shoot Any Dog He Finds On His Land “Even If They’re On A Lead”

Kiara Keane

A Sligo farmer has been gaining a lot of attention online after he threatened to shoot any dogs that end up on his land and says he is even “legally” patrolling the area with a shotgun.

Andy ‘The Bull’ McSharry, who owns a farm in North Sligo, confirmed he’s been issuing warnings to people after two of his sheep were recently killed.

Speaking to the North West Today Show’ on Ocean FM, he said, “The first kill started on 8 October and another on December 30.”

“A number of sheep have been killed and the farming community are on guard in an effort to stop this. At the best of times, farmers are finding it hard to survive.”

He said his sheep were “as good as china” and as well as them being killed, he was also concerned about dogs worrying them in the run-up to lambing season.

McSharry added, “Since Wednesday, I’m on the roads carrying my legal double-barrel shotgun and I’m meeting these people and advising them.

“I’ll do that for a month or so but action will be taken against these dogs, particularly the dogs that come onto my land. If the dog is on the lead, the dog will still be shot.”

The Sligo farmer also explained, “This last year and a half, there’s an awful lot of people walking on the public roads with their dogs, without leads. That’s a problem.”

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