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21st Nov 2018

The Latest Irish Lotto Millionaire Says He “Hasn’t Told A Soul” About His €1 Million Win Yet

Kiara Keane

A very lucky Irish man who scooped a massive €1million after winning the Lotto Plus top prize says he still hasn’t told anyone about it.

The Cork man bought the winning Quick Pick ticket last month but didn’t realise he had actually won until last week when he heard the prize in his local shop was still going unclaimed.

The shop in question was the Costcutters Store at the N20 Mallow Plaza in Mallow, Cork.

But despite such a massive win, the only people he has told so far are the officials at the National Lottery office in Dublin.

He said, “It was a huge shock to the system to realise I had just become a millionaire.”

The Cork man added, “To be honest, I haven’t fully comprehended how this win will change my life.

“I am very close to my family and it is very difficult to keep a life-changing win like this from loved ones but I am looking forward to telling them the news when it has fully sunk in.

“I am already making long-term plans for my winnings so I might have a few nice surprises up my sleeve for them very soon.”

What a lovely surprise, just in time for Christmas…

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