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17th Jan 2018

This Irish Euromillions Lotto Scam Is So Tempting That People Have Actually Clicked On It

Darragh Berry

The National Lottery is warning people not to fall for a scam message that is doing the rounds which tells people that they have won money in the “Irish Euro Lottery”.

The message – which includes a link – tells people that they have been selected at random and have won Euromillions Prizes before advising them to click on the link. 

A National Lottery spokesperson told the Dundalk Democrat that: “We have become aware through social media and other channels about such messages which appear to have escalated in the last few days.

“We want to reassure our players, and members of the public, that this activity has nothing to do with the National Lottery, and we would advise caution.”

The text is from a sender titled ‘SMSINFO’ and pressing the link will help people claim their €1,000 from the ‘Irish Euro Lottery’. 

The National Lottery has provided some tips on how to spot an Irish lotto scam:

  • The communication is addressed to something vague like “Dear Winner” rather than to you personally.
  • An email is not sent from an official account and might even come from a free mail service such as Gmail or Hotmail.
  • The message contains poor spelling, grammar and syntax. Logos may be skewed and stretched and letters are often printed using badly photocopied letterheads.
  • The scammer requires you to respond within a short period of time and requests you do not tell anyone else about it. This is to stop you seeking advice from others who may warn you off from replying.
  • You might be asked to phone a premium phone line to claim your award. You can recognise these numbers as they all begin with 15 in Ireland.

We know it’s January and funds are tight but don’t fall for this one…

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