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11th Dec 2017

Irish Party Holidays In Ibiza Could Be No More Due To “Drastic” Rules For Clubs


Long considered the mecca of every Irish person’s sixth year holiday, Ibiza is known as an island where you can let loose like nowhere else. 

Clubs stay open until 6am and San Antonio is a riot of outdoor neon terraces, free shots at every corner, and blaring tunes. Basically, it’s the ideal spot if you want to go wild for a week.

But new rules proposed by the local council in Ibiza are calling for the open-air terraces of bars to be cleared by 11pm rather than 2am and clubs would have to stop at 3am in a bid to crackdown on noise.

Mayor Josep Tur says they want to improve the image of the area which has been “devalued” by antics in West End, where the majority of bars are found.

The new rules would affect all eight main streets in San Antonio and are expected to be in action by February 

The declaration of the Special Acoustic Protection Zone is expected to be approved later this month and endorsed in February, reports Express UK.

There will then be a six month grace period for businesses to ensure they are complying with sound regulations.

Spokesman for the Popular Party, José Sala told Diario de Ibiza: “Something must be done in the West End but it is not the best thing to force clubs to close at three in the morning in these eight streets, remove the terraces at eleven at night and completely soundproof them. These measures pose insurmountable obstacles for many. They are too drastic and hasty.

“We have to realise we live off tourism.”

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