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15th Oct 2017

Irish People Are Way Too Blasé When It Comes To Emergencies


One of the worst storms Ireland has seen in 50 years is fast approaching, but you’d barely be able to tell.

The National Emergency Co-Ordination Group had a meeting to discuss our plans for Hurricane Ophelia only this afternoon, less than 24 hours before it’s expected to hit.

Public transport arrangements are up in the air (no pun intended) – Iarnrod Eireann thinks it will be running as normal, but services could be cancelled tomorrow.

Flights are also likely to be axed last-minute, leaving people stranded, and Dublin Bus doesn’t seem to have shared any updates at all.

I know the strength of the hurricane has been hard to predict, but it’s the same any time there’s an emergency – we never know what to do.

The public doesn’t seem to be taking it too seriously either, despite the fact that the last time a storm this bad hit the country, 18 people died.

I’m all for Twitter jokes about stocking up on Buckfast and Tayto, but don’t be an eejit.

Read this info about how to get ready for the storm, don’t make unneccessary journeys, and DEFINITELY don’t swim in the sea.

As my mam would say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

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