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31st Dec 2017

Irish People Ate An Insane Amount Of Dark Chocolate This Year

Lovin' Media

According to a new report, Irish people are among the biggest chocoholics in the whole world. 

Allegedly, the average Irish person devoured 17 pounds of dark chocolate (the equivalent of chomping through 155 Mars bars) in 2017 alone. 

Global analysts, Euromonitor International, compiled the figures showcasing that despite the country’s growing obesity crisis, chocolate consumption has risen for the third year running.

The Euromonitor figures show Switzerland in the top spot, with a consumption rate of over 19 pounds per person while Austria and Ireland take second and third place respectively. 

A recent HSE report found one in four children aged under eight are overweight or obese, with girls more at risk than boys.

It also found four out of five children do not get enough exercise and around a fifth of the average child’s energy intake comes from sugary treats.

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