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09th Feb 2018

Irish Water Confirms ‘Excess Use’ Charges Will Come Into Effect In 2019

James Fenton

Irish Water has confirmed that it will be introducing ‘excess use’ water charges in January 2019. 

According to Newstalk, a new report from the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) said that the charges will start on January 1 2019 at the earliest with no bills issued until at least July 1. 

Charges will apply where the volume of water consumed exceeds the 213,000 litres annually. A statement reads:

“The Water Charges Plan clarifies that there will be no charges for water services for domestic customers in 2018; provides that excess use charges will apply from 2019; advises that detail regarding excess use charge levels, commencement dates and associated rules and processes will be agreed with the Minister (Eoghan Murphy) and the CRU and provided in a later version of the Water Charges Plan”.

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