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06th Jan 2019

Forces Fighting ISIS In Syria Arrest ISIS Member Who Is From Dublin

Darragh Berry

It has been confirmed by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that they have arrested one Irish citizen fighting with the Islamic State.

The arrest was part of an operation to “protect a large convoy of civilians” who ISIS had targeted

A statement by the SDF says:

“A group of terrorists, who had been preparing to attack the civilians who were trying to get out of the war zone in masses, was detected. Following long-term technical and physical follow-up, an operation against the cell was carried out by our forces.

“As a result of the operation, five terrorists originally from the United States, Ireland, and Pakistan were captured.”

The Dubliner has been named as Alexandr Ruzmatovich Bekmirzaev (45)

“ISIS, which is now cornered in a small area after being cleared from large swathes of territory it once held, is suffering heavy losses,” the SDF asserted, adding that remaining cells are “surrounded in a small enclave.”

”They receive daily mortal blows from our fighters.”

Pictures via kurdistan24