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08th Jun 2021

It looks like we may return to the office sooner than expected

Brian Dillon

It looks like we may return to the office sooner than expected

Táinaiste Leo Caradkar is pushing for a return to office work in August, one month earlier than currently planned.

The Irish Independent reports that The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment is asking Nphet to consider a phased return to such workplaces in August, rather than September. According to the publication, the former Taoiseach would like to see workers settled back into office life before the return to schools and colleges happens in September.

He said, “At the moment, we are planning a phased return to offices and workplaces from September.

“Provided the vaccine programme continues to gather pace and the virus remains under control, I believe August makes more sense than September.

“I think it makes sense to begin the return to the office before that – in August. By then, the vast majority of adults will be fully vaccinated and the risk of them getting very sick from the virus will be very low.”

Yesterday saw 25,000 people returning to work as restrictions on outdoor dining were lifted.

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