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01st Jul 2018

Tragic Jastine Valdez To Be Buried Tomorrow After Parents Celebrated What Would Have Been Her 25th Birthday

Megan Cassidy

Jastine Valdez, who was brutally murdered in May, is to be buried in her native Phillipines tomorrow, Monday July 2.

Mark Hennessy (now deceased) murdered the 24-year-old after abducting her from the roadside in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow on May 19.

It is reported that Jastine’s parents wanted to wait to celebrate her 25th birthday before laying her to rest.

A source told the Irish Mirror:

“They wanted to celebrate their only daughter’s life on her birthday before her burial.

“Family means so much to the close-knit Filipino community.

“They could not bare to say goodbye to her without marking her birthday with loved ones.”

It is understood that Jastine’s family threw a party to celebrate her life in their hometown of Aritao surrounded by friends and relatives.

Jastine’s killer Mark was shot dead by a detective after being cornered in an industrial park in Cherrywood the day after he killed the young girl.