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29th Oct 2021

Just a little reminder, the clocks go back this weekend!

Katy Thornton

A little public service announcement for everyone who gets confused… like we do!

All month, while the days have been slowly getting darker, we’ve mused to ourselves: when do the clocks go back? Do they even go back, or go forward? Does it always come around so fast? If you’re anything like us, it can all be a little confusing. That’s why we thought we’d provide all the deets (you’d think with it happening every year we’d be able to remember by now, but nope).

The clocks will go back early on Sunday morning, 31st October. At 2am, the clocks will revert back to 1am, automatically on phones and laptops (if you have a non digital watch, remember to do this manually in the morning). The great thing about this is that you’ll have an extra hour in bed (hooray). The bad thing about this is the evenings are going to start at about 4.30pm most days (wah).

Well, that’s pretty much it! We just wanted to remind anyone who had forgotten, because it’s easy to do.

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