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21st Oct 2018

PICS: The Horrible Abuse Katie Taylor Got From Opposition Coach After Win Was Horrific

Darragh Berry

Katie Taylor is waking up on this Sunday morning still a champion following her comfortable defeat over Cindy Serrano.

Cindy’s younger sister, Amanda looks to be next on the card for Taylor who believes that that match-up would be a “huge” one.

Taylor admitted that she was even “bored” mid-way through the fight last night as she thought her opponent would bring more to the table.

However, it was Cindy’s husband and coach who seemed to be causing Katie the most harm in the ring.

She confirmed that she was subjected to “trash talk” by Jordan Maldonado who told her that she had “picked the wrong sister” and that “don’t worry Amanda is going to knock you out next time.”

His comments could be heard on television and left a lot of people angry, no one more so than the boxer herself.

“I heard that remark and indeed I heard him during the whole fight. He was saying terrible things and it was his wife who was in the ring.

“He was saying ‘you picked the weaker Serrano.’ That’s a terrible thing to say. At least give your wife some encouragement. It was ridiculous of him.”

Taylor’s promoter, Eddie Hearn has said that her next opponent, preferably, should be either Rose Volante or Delfine Persoon, the current WBO and WBC title holders.

“The original aim was to be the undisputed champion of the (lightweight) division and I would really love to see her fight a champion next – maybe Rose Volante. We have tried and tried but she appears to have carved out a nice little niche for herself in Brazil.

“But in boxing it’s a case of keeping making the offers and eventually you get to a number which they cannot turn down and I hope love if she was to finish her career by winning every belt in her division. We will see what we can attract. In the end it’s always down to money,”