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18th Nov 2018

VIDEO: Shocking Footage Shows All Hell Breaking Loose At An Irish Kickboxing Event Last Night

Darragh Berry

Gardaí are currently investigating a massive brawl that broke out at a Kickboxing Event in Oakwood Hotel in Shannon, Co.Clare.

The incident took place on Saturday night.

The shocking footage has been circulating heavily on social media and shows chairs and bottles being used as weapons.

It’s being said that between 10-15 people were involved directly in the violent attack.

The ‘Fight Night’ was organised by a local kickboxing club and the attacks began around 11pm.

One person is seen attacking a bystander and hitting him with a punch from behind.

The video states:

“Gardaí are investigating the incident in which one person was hospitalised for concussion. There was no serious injuries. And no damage to the hotel property”

Once the several fights were broken up, people were asked to make their way to the emergency exit.

One person was hospitalised following the attack but it has been confirmed that the person was not seriously injured.

Gardaí are currently looking at CCTV and other footage from the incident as part of the investigation.

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