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01st Oct 2018

Latest Crime Figures Show Sexual Offences On The Rise While Number Of Homicides Is Unchanged

James Fenton

Crime figures released today reveal that the number of homicides in the year up to June 2018 is the same as the figure for the previous 12 months. The Central Statistics off has revealed that 77 homicides took place in Ireland during both periods.

Sexual offences, meanwhile, rose 10.2% from 2,675 to 2,947. The biggest increase was in the category of robbery, extortion and hijacking offences with a 15.1% rise (2,032 to 2,339).

The biggest decrease in the selected crime groups was in the category of kidnapping and related offences which went down 18.1% from 127 to 104.

A full list of crime figures up until June 2018 can be found here.

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