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02nd Sep 2021

Leaving Cert results are out tomorrow, here’s what you need to know

Katy Thornton

It has been over two years since traditional Leaving Cert results came out.

Last year due to the pandemic, thousands of students were awarded predicted grades as it wasn’t possible for them to sit their exams.

This year’s students faced their own challenge. Having missed out on much of their 5th Year due to schools closing in March 2020, students struggled to learn from home via Zoom classes. They returned to school in September 2020, and were given the choice to sit their Leaving Cert exams, receive accredited results, or a mixture of both. According to The Irish Times, most students opted to mix the two forms of assessment.


Leaving Cert students took their exams in late June and will receive their results on the 3rd September. This is approximately three weeks later than previous years. These results will release on the school portal at 10am and can be accessed online.

As with previous years, students can collect their results from their school, although due to the rising incidence rate of Covid-19 they’re being asked to consider receiving them online. If they do wish to collect them from school, they must ring ahead and schedule a time to do so to avoid crowding.

If students have opted for a mix of accredited results and results from the written paper, they won’t know which their result has come from until the 7th September, when they will receive the full breakdown of their result.


According to The Irish Times, the CAO first round offers will be accessible from the 7th September at 2pm. You will be able to accept this offer until the 13th September.


There will be a short window where you can view your paper and appeal your result. Applications to view scripts opens on the 7th September at 5pm and closes on the 8th September at 8pm. Don’t hesitate to apply if you are looking to appeal your result.

If you’re unsure about anything concerning your results tomorrow, please check out the State Examination Commission website for more info.

It’s important to remember that exams and results aren’t everything, and it has been an incredibly difficult year for students. They should all be very proud of themselves no matter the outcome. We wish anyone awaiting their results tomorrow the best of luck.

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