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19th Jun 2017

Lidl’s Inflatable Kayak Is Back In Stores Just In Time For The Heatwave


Summer is officially here and by Christ are we going to make the most of every single sunny second.

Luckily good oul Lidl is on hand to help up further pretend we’re living in the Riviera with their unreal inflatable two-person kayak that we cannot WAIT to get our hands on for some lakeside paddling this week.

Look at this beaut

Kayakwk25 01 F

The kayak can hold two adults and comes with a splashproof storage bag with hook and loop fastener for valuables and small accessories and double paddle with click-in system.

Lidl say it’s for use in protected offshore waters, small bays, on small lakes, small rivers and canals, and that of course life jackets should be worn.

This bad boy can be yours for just under 50 quid too. Get paddling.

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