Here's How Co. Limerick Has Aided In The Thai Cave Rescue Mission

12 players and their coach are have been trapped for 18 days

Thai Cave Rescue Mission

Equipment from Co. Limerick is currently assisting divers in the Thai cave rescue mission.

The mission involves a football team of young boys and their coach who went exploring some caves after a football match over two weeks ago.

They got stuck in the cave when water levels rose, blocking their exit.

When rescuers located the team, preparation got underway to rescue the boys and their coach by helping them dive through caves and out to safety.

It has now emerged, that diving equipment sourced in Cappamore, Co Limerick has played a critical part in the rescue mission.

A source told the Limerick Leader, “Last generation scuba tank regulators were collected on Friday evening from a gentleman in Cappamore. By the following morning, they were in Thailand as part of the rescue mission. It’s a small world when Cappamore is part of an international rescue effort in Thailand.”

The tanks being used in the mission use older generation valves to function.

“In other words the regulator valves before the current modern regulator valves. They needed so many of them that they had to go around the world looking for them. A number were brought from Cappamore,” said the source.

10 boys have now been rescued from the caves as of 11am on Tuesday morning, raising hopes that the final 2 boys and their coach will be rescued before the end of the day.

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