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31st Jan 2017

Man Pleads Guilty To Swinging Fireballs Attached To Chains In Public Park

James Fenton

People passing through Cork’s Bishop Lucey Park last Friday had to avoid a man whirling fireballs attached to chains, the Irish Examiner are reporting.

Mikolaj Plichcinski, aged 35, pleaded guilty to wilful obstruction of the free passage of people as well as failing to stop when instructed by Garda Donal Daly and failing to provide his name to the garda. 

Inspector Ronan Kennelly described the incident in court by saying: 

“Garda Daly observed this man standing approximately 10 feet outside the front gate of the park. He was swinging two chains, approximately two feet in length.”

“The ends of both of these chains had an attachment which was on fire. The male was swinging these chains in two wide arcs, causing quite a large obstruction on the footpath.”

“Garda Daly approached this man and informed him that would have to cease his actions.” 

The defendant, who was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic in 2003, was fined €600 and received a four-month jail term suspended on condition that he would keep the peace for the next two years. 

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