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15th Aug 2018

Marine Le Pen Will Not Be Speaking At Web Summit Following Backlash


Marine Le Pen will not be speaking at Web Summit following online backlash, Paddy Cosgrave has confirmed.

Web Summit founder, Paddy Cosgrave, confirmed the decision in a series of tweets earlier today.

The first tweet reads, “It’s clear to me now that the correct decision for is to rescind Marine Le Pen’s invitation.”

Cosgrave went on to say that the large online reaction they received when the speakers were announced influenced the decision to rescind Le Pen’s invitation to speak.

Cosgrave had earlier defended the decision to have Le Pen speak at the conference saying that Web Summit was a “forum for debate.”

He wrote a blog post on the need for people like Le Pen to speak at technology conferences.

“There’s a palpable need in my view for debate and discussion on this phenomenon, its causes and the role technology is playing. Web Summit is a forum for debate and discussion for many points of view, not a party political platform for a single point of view.”

Cosgrave ended his series of tweets saying they welcomed any suggestions on who would be appropriate or not.

“We welcome any suggestions as to who might be appropriate and also inappropriate to speak on a whole range of issues affecting society and technology.

The tech conference was founded in Ireland in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength with an expected audience of 70,000 at this year’s event in Lisbon in November.

Do you think Le Pen should have been allowed to speak?

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