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07th Jul 2023

Marty Morrissey to stand in for Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ despite car drama

Fiona Frawley

Marty Morrissey Ryan Tubridy

Morrissey will also be back on the air on Saturday.

RTÉ have confirmed that Marty Morrissey will stand in for Ryan Tubridy on next month’s bank holiday radio show, despite stepping forward as the RTÉ employee who took a five-year loan of a car from Renault.

The story, which broke yesterday, is yet another twist in the scandal-filled controversy the national broadcaster finds itself in.

Since the revelation, RTÉ also confirmed that Morrissey will be commentating on the All-Ireland Senior Men’s Hurling semi-final tomorrow. A spokesperson said that the matter of the car loan was “being addressed with Marty Morrissey by RTÉ management.”

Marty Morrissey to stand in for Ryan Tubridy despite car loan revelation.

The statement from Morrissey has received a mixed response, with some people feeling sympathy for the popular figure.

Fianna Fail senator Timmy Tooley told Virgin Media last night that he felt Morrissey had been “thrown under the bus” by RTÉ.

“I think he has been thrown under the bus to some extent by RTÉ management”

“There’s no issues here of license fees involved or any public money involved. He identified it as unwise, who amongst us hasn’t been unwise on occasion?”

However, on the opposite side of the fence, others within the organisation are reportedly “fed up” with what seems to be an “us and them” rule regarding the highly-paid figures at the top of the broadcaster’s hierarchy.

Marty Morrissey apologises for car loan.

In his statement last night, Morrissey explained that in 2017 he was asked to MC a series of Renault functions. The commentator said he did not seek a fee, however, the car company offered him use of their car instead, which continued for a five year period.

“I have apologised to RTÉ, my managers and colleagues for any embarrassment or difficulty I have caused them because of this matter,” he said in his statement.

“I also apologise to any of our viewers and listeners who may feel let down by my actions. It was never my intention to let anyone down, least of all myself.”

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