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04th Jan 2017

McDonald’s Is Testing A New Chicken And Waffle Fried Breakfast


Many of you probably didn’t even notice, but ‘chicken and waffles’ has been popping up on menus all over the country for the past year. Yet another import from the big old US of A, it’s quickly becoming one of the best selling brunch dishes around.

Fans of the durty treat, which contains fried chicken sandwiched between a couple of waffles and doused in sweet sauce, will no doubt be thrilled to learn that McDonald’s is currently testing this as a regular breakfast dish which could be coming to menus across all their restaurants soon. 

After a small initial test in America, McDonald’s is now rolling this out across the country and people seem pretty happy with that decision. 

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As the photo above shows, the actual results might not be quite as impressive as some of the restaurants serving it around Ireland, but it does look like a tasty snack all the same. 

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