Met Eireann Changes Forecast As Fears Of Hurricane Chris Hitting Ireland Grows

We really hope it's not bye-bye summer.

Storm Chris Main


Chris isn't a terrifying name. We don't know any Chris' that make us think: 'oh, you're hard'.

Nor have we come across a Christina that would cause any harm to anyone, she just goes about doing her daily business, keeping herself to herself.

But fears are growing that Hurricane Chris - which was upgraded from a storm - will affect Ireland's weather in a big way.

Forecasters are worried that the hurricane, which is currently off the east coast of America, will make its way to Ireland and leave us feeling the tail-end or remnants" of Chris.


Met Éireann are saying that Ireland's heatwave is set to come to an end in the coming days as the prospect of Hurricane Chris is bringing "changeable and mixed" conditions from the middle of next week onwards.

"A gradual transition to a more changeable or mixed weather pattern than of late is probable, with all parts seeing some spells of sunshine but rain or showers at times too with an Atlantic regime resuming."

There is still a large deal of uncertainty surrounding the hurricane and its relationship with Ireland at the moment but if it does make any sort of contact, we can expect gales and downpours.

Facebook page Carlow Weather has said that:

"Tropical Hurricane Chris is causing some of the uncertainty in weather models for next weekend and beyond... The track of Chris could have a big influence on whether we hold our settled warm weather or see a breakdown with some rain beyond next weekend.

Now, where did we put those jackets.

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