Met Éireann Issues Warning For 'Persistent And Heavy Rain' Until Later This Evening

Best not leave the house today...

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After all the talk of Storm Callum earlier this week, you'd think we'd be given a break from the weather warnings this weekend. Not so, it would appear.

At 6am this morning, Met Éireann issued a status yellow rainfall warning for the counties of Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Wicklow. The forecast states that 'rain will be persistent and heavy at times with risk of spot flooding 30 to 40 mm totals' and is place until 9pm tonight.

If you were planning on heading out and about in any these places, it might be best to leave it for another day.

On the bright side, the poor weather gives you plenty of opportunity to catch up on these latest Netflix titles. Who says we're not good to ya?

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