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Met Éireann Weighs In On The Rumours That It’s Going To Snow This Halloween

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There’s been talk going around that we could be seeing a white Halloween this year, after the freezing conditions we’ve had across the country in the past few days.

Temperatures dropped as low as -2°C in parts of Ireland last night, while earlier in the week it was 0°C in Dublin.

But Met Éireann has now insisted that it’s not expected to start snowing any time soon despite the icy weather.

They said, “Over the next two weeks the weather should be fairly settled.

“Temperatures for this time of year are fairly average, but it will get colder towards next weekend.

“While it is to get cold by the end of the month, at the moment our forecasts show no indication that it should snow over the next two weeks.”

So while we can expect some more freezing nights over the next couple of weeks, sadly we won’t be seeing any actual snow for a while.

In fact, it’s about to get a lot warmer just in time for the weekend, with highs of 15°C today and 17°C on Saturday.

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