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09th Jul 2018

Met Éireann’s Scary Weather Warnings Continue For Another Week

Darragh Berry

We’re starting to get cabin fever now.

We didn’t want to admit it before anyone else did but we’re worried okay. What if we never see another drop of rain in the country?

Why didn’t someone think of saving bucket fulls that were falling from September to May?

It’s not coming back anytime soon because Met Éireann has extended its Status Yellow Drought Warning for the whole of Ireland.

They say that:

“There will be some alleviation in drought conditions in places this week. However there will be little initial reduction in soil moisture deficits as evapotranspiration rates will remain high.”

Now if you’re not slightly scared and intimidated by the word “evapotranspiration”, you’ve probably been sitting out in the sun too long and are a bit dazed.

They say that we’re in for another week-long drought which will last until Friday at 12pm.

And with the way things are looking, the chance of another extension is looking likely.

Temperatures throughout the week will be in the low to mid 20s and Met Éireann are warning of a slight, SLIGHT chance that the high pressure which is bringing the sunshine ourway will weaken allowing some showers to break out at times.

We’d love a spot of rain, only so we can give out about it being too cold and wet. We feel like we haven’t done that in a while.

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