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14th Aug 2018

George Hook Says Michael D Needs To Do One Thing Before He Can Run For Presidential Election

Darragh Berry

Although it looks unlikely that Michael D Higgins will go into the presidential election alone, he’s still going to be a firm favourite among the public to receive a second term.

However, Newstalk broadcaster, George Hook, says that if Higgins wants to serve another term, there is one essential thing that he needs to do.

Hook told The Irish Sun that he was surprised that Higgins said he’d do another term considering originally he had refused the idea.

“He’s either changed his mind because he’s gotten used to it, or he never had any intention of going after seven years.

“[Also] why hasn’t he released his medical records? It’s a seven-year job and people are entitled to know, if you want to be leader of the country, in my opinion.

“He will be well into his 80s if he wins a second term so it is reasonable to ­wonder about his stamina.”

Higgins, who is currently 77-years-old, recently said that his “health is excellent” and that he’s in a better position than he was in 2011.

“Seven years ago when I was ­contesting the election there was great attention paid to the fact I had ­damaged my knee at Cruinniu na mBad.”

“After the inauguration on November 11, the first Christmas, I got it repaired and by the middle of January I wasn’t even using a stick. There is a 110-degree bend in my knee now and the rest of my health as well is excellent.”

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