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15th Feb 2018

Irish Man Says He Is Not Racist Because Of ‘Mike Tyson’ Technicality

Darragh Berry

The Irish Sun is reporting that a Kilkenny man who racially abused a security guard feels he is not racist.

The man in question stated that he had a Mike Tyson tattoo and would not consider himself racist because of it despite his offence. 

Gardaí state that he was intoxicated in a public place and was threatening, abusive and insulting towards a security man. 

A Garda Sergeant stated that: “He was shouting offensive names to a member of staff who was coloured.”

The man’s solicitor however said that although his client accepted that his behaviour was out of order:

“My client says that he is not a racist and he has a tatoo of Mike Tyson on his arm.”

The sentencing has been adjourned until March. 

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