Miriam O'Callaghan Forbidden From Interviewing This One Person By RTÉ

You can see why they won't let it happen tbh.


Watching siblings on television together can be a wonderful spectacle at times. There was nothing more sweeter than watching the Brogan brothers light up the Hill together.

The O'Donovan brothers first passion is rowing but they could easily have a calling in the comedy business with the way they leave people in stitches following television interviews.

Both sometimes, having siblings side-by-side on television just doesn't work (ask anyone who's interviewed Noel and Liam Gallagher together).

And, when it comes to politics, it makes it all that bit trickier. So, you can understand why RTÉ have refused Miriam O'Callaghan from being able to quiz her brother on Prime Time or on any RTÉ show.

The Irish Independent says that Jim O'Callaghan - a key Fianna Fáil politician - can feature on RTÉ just as long as big sis isn't asking the questions.

"It would be best practice in any organisation, that no news or current affairs presenter would interview a close relative," a spokesperson told the publication.

And it's fair enough too. You don't want any favoritism in an interview directed at any political party.

A part of us would still love to see the pair go to blows on the national broadcaster about who really started that television remote fight back in the 70s.

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Darragh Berry

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